-Cost: $598
-Timeframe to completion: 4-6 weeks
-All paperwork done for you
-Support through the entire process
-Assistance in getting certified copies of the Passport Application

This video series will include Level I & Level II Training Combined in one purchase- Get the latest technologies and information.  This training will have all the tools needed to apply as a "state" Citizen for a passport through the Department of State and so much more. 

Get a new understanding words, definitions, law, & court cases in this class. There is an absolute difference between the United States citizen and a national (8 USC 1101 (a)(21) - "state" Citizen).  We will show you all supporting case law and how allegiance and teach you how to read through the law to show the corruption that they are trying to place onto the People to turn them into surety through adhesion contracts.


  • Help you move yourself towards understanding what is a national.  (state Citizen)
  • Education on how to properly apply for a passport as a national.  (state Citizen)
  • Get certified copies of your passport application signed by an agent for the Department of State head which confirm your status of your application.
  • Remember, the application belongs to you, the passport belongs to them.
  • In depth training on state Citizenship Passport application process
  • Explaining to Department of State why it is lawful in the event they request further information
  • How to get certified copies of your passport application
  • Notice to Public Franchises – (Government/Corporations)
  • Understanding contracts and how to mitigate through them
  • Break down of words and court as a private man
  • Challenging jurisdiction
  • What is a Court of Record
  • Training on lawful interaction with governmental franchises
  • Privacy in all areas of your life


Disclaimer - Questions that we have received

1. This will not help you discharge your debt. HISAdvocates does NOT advocate you getting into debt or using discharge instruments to set off debt. This includes attempting to utilize self-made money orders, checks against closed bank accounts, EFT's, Accepted for Value, 1099 OID, or using your Birth Certificate for anything other than as a foundation to gain lawful identification. We recommend that if you have ever done that through any process that you lawfully remove your mark (signatures) from said documents.
2. This will not allow you take your birth certificate and go into court and have all criminal charges dismissed.
3. The IRS is going to still want their money from you because you contracted with them as a United States person to pay.
4. This will not pay your utility bills.
5. This will not pay your mortgage.
6. This is not a get rich quick scheme allowing you to have access to a Treasury Direct Account.
7. The passport is issued by the Department of State by the Corporate United States. It looks the same as any other passport. The application is what we teach you to do properly as a "state" of the Union Citizen. This is about allegiance.
8. Yes, this will teach you how to gain certified copies of your passport application from the Department of State giving evidence of your status.
9. This does not guarantee a status, this starts a process that proves your intent to move into a jurisdiction as a "state" of the Union Citizen.
10. This does not remove you from obligations or contracts that you may have with the IRS or any other public franchise (Federal Agency).
11. This does not teach you how to sue the Federal Government.
12. This has NOTHING to do with being a Sovereign citizen.
13. The process will not give you special treatment when you walk through an airport.
14. If you get pulled over in a motor vehicle that is registered with the county and you do not have a valid driver’s license, you will still get a ticket and possible arrest.
15. Yes, you can travel to foreign countries with this passport and yes they will let you back into America through a United States checkpoint.
16. You will not get better looking with this passport.
17. Your mother will not change her mind on how she thinks of you.
18. This does not stop you from being a resident. You have many contracts that you must change.
19. Zip Code is a registered trademark of the United States when you place that information on the DS-11 (Passport Application) it is giving jurisdiction to the United States Corporation.
20. There is no requirement in law to have a Social Security on the application.
21. The Supreme Court has determined that you don't have to be a Federal citizen and that you can just be a state Citizen.
22. This education process, coupled with our experience will allow you to take the first steps towards the modern-day Exodus by taking step one of properly obtaining your status to be back under GOD in accordance with the Declaration of Independence.
23. You will get the support, and supporting documentation to help you with the USPS passport service representative when submitting your passport application.
24. We help you with the forms to properly order your certified copies of your application from the Department of State once your passport is in your possession. This will give you the federal U.S. acknowledgment proof of your application.
25. This does not effect income derived from Social Security or any benefits that your Registered Organization may be receiving: We do not offer any guarantees as it pertains to your ability to continue to receive benefits. We are going to be teaching people how to still receive the said benefits of the
Registered Organization known as their birth certificate [If you do not understand this statement, the Living in the Private group will assist you in that] without letting go of your status as a "state" Citizen. Remember, you are only as good as your latest contract...
26. The process of changing your status only begins here with getting this accomplished. The journey of dealing with all your adhesion contracts is started when you make this most important first step. You still must get your status changed with the Social Security Administration, DOJ, and many other agencies. This is all a lawful process, approved only when they issue you the passport based on your application as the state Citizen.
27. You may not have child support due at the time you submit the application.
28. You may not have some types of felonies.
29. If you have IRS issues, they may prohibit you from receiving a passport. We have not seen this done yet as of 1-25-2017.
30. This has nothing to do with fairy dust.
31. You will still have to pay the fees at the USPS or court where you apply for the passport.
32. Yes we do ask for consideration for education.
33. This does not make your mineral rights on the property that you rent (think you own) become yours.
34. Your lender will still want their payments from you.
35. If you already have a passport, we will show you how to re-apply with proper application.
36. Yes you must return an existing passport and passport ID card with your new state Citizenship application through USPS or the court.
37. Yes you still must respect your fellow brothers and sisters. This does not make you a king.
38. No President Trump will not call you and invite you to the White House for dinner.


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